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Mandi Rukuni Seminar is a professional institution whose principal purpose is to create intellectual products for the transformation and advancement of the Afrikan society. These intellectual products are based on Afrikan values, norms and philosophy for both academics and non-academics.

It incorporates original Afrikan education into the modernized system of education for the advancement, transformation of the Afrikan society. MRS creates knowledge, promotes innovation and lifelong learning skills that stimulate Afrikan development through digital media, e-learning and conventional ways. At MRS there is the belief that incorporating the indigenous knowledge systems in the modern system will rekindle the spirit of working together as Afrikans (Ubuntu) which will lead to the development of Africa. The use of indigenous knowledge systems will lead to intensive rural development.

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“The Courses on this website, provide much more than standard education, they aim to develop strong Afrikan principles and Afrikan Modernisation”

Myrone N. Moyo

Founder & Executive Director

Azzura Investments (Pty) Ltd – South Africa

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