The Wisdom to Lead


The Wisdom to Lead: Afrikan Pathways to Progressive Leadership in the world



Professor Mandivamba Rukuni in this book , ‘The Wisdom To Lead’ unfolds the provocative revelation of a people centred leadership, clearly expressed in what it always has been and should be for Afrikans. The book speaks to nations, our own nation Zimbabwe running the seam through the community, family and the individual but all in their contexts and environments; embracing both the spiritual and physical, and in the dialogue raising life principles supported with the ‘how tos’. I am moved by the central role of women as leaders; the principles with numerous elements which embrace dialogue and diversity hence all peoples and creation working together always, irrespective of circumstance, for the betterment of life. ‘The Wisdom To Lead’ brings out the best in you instantly arousing the deeper positive feelings thus setting you towards the best you are meant to be. The book is the companion for everyone and useful in all spheres of our lives. The life which is people centred, imaginable and abundant is yours. Do not allow this wisdom to pass without you grabbing it because you are the leader whose tool box is ‘The Wisdom to Lead.’

Necodimus Chipfupa (Mr.)
FICB (SA); MSc SARD; BSc SWG General.


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